Our Maiden Voyage

Welcome to our blog, which we like to call "Our Inspiration."  Here, we will share exciting content from the solar industry and keep our clients up to date on the latest tech.  Also, we'll give our basic feedback regarding advancements in the solar energy field.

As you know, the growth curve of solar has been explosive over the course of the past few years.  We want to be on the front lines of information so that our clients don't have to be.  We love being inspired by new things, but we know that not all new technologies are what they seem to be.  We won't attempt to be the next Inhabitat.com or Green Tech Media, but we do hope our content will challenge you to explore beyond the box for your next project.

In addition, we love to see how solar power is changing our world for the better.  Whether it's in rural, impoverished parts of the world or the next city development project, we believe the use of solar technology can play a critical role in advancing our world's energy future. Growth in this industry also provides countless employment opportunities for people from all walks of life. 

Thank you for choosing to partner with us on this journey.  We would love to hear from you so please feel free to drop us a line.